Any Day Now

This is a little woodblock engraving I completed a few months ago. Many moons have passed since I’ve kept up the studio journal.  I’m still here, but my days are long, and like most creatives, I juggle quite a bit in addition to painting. It’s been a busy year.  Survival in the Bay is a daily hustle. I think that most of us living here don’t really know how to slow down. We’re so accustomed to accepting the pace of work and life in order to stay here that it’s our new normal.  Is it any wonder that some of the best coffee beans are roasted here? Most of us need the fuel to keep going. 

Most of my Summer was spent re-organizing my studio space to get ready for Fall. Now that Fall is here, I’m struggling to fit in the studio time to actually complete some projects. Round and round and round I go. Any day now.

Over the next few weeks and months, you’ll hopefully start to see some changes. I’m reaching some big life milestones this year and stepping into a new creative mindset of further merging my alternative career in the world of fashion with my art. I’m willing to embrace both sides of my life and work as one instead of treating them as separate versions of myself. As with all things in life, one can only do the work, and see where it goes. I know on a personal level things are about to get a lot more interesting. You may continue to follow the struggle right here…

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