A Show Of Hands

In the studio with Stomper

We meet again!

Grand Lake Location

Rooted in Oakland

WOW pinch me

Under the marquee

Raise your hands!

Tiny prints

Rainbow handprint

Community help

Achieve Academy

Stomper helped too!

Life has been pretty colorful lately! For the last several months I’ve been working behind the scenes with the Oakland A’s and Arts For Oakland Kids – the non-profit that is very dear to my heart.  I was given an amazing opportunity to paint one of 50 special commemorative larger than life elephant statues celebrating the baseball team’s 50th-anniversary in their home city of Oakland. How wonderful to have this public art celebration for all of us to enjoy (and seek out and find!) It’s been an absolute honor - definitely the most special of my artistic journey to date because of it’s significance to my community. I definitely didn’t do it alone either – The statue is composed of over 300 handprints from children throughout our Bay Area community which make up Stomper’s face and hands. Colorful, wacky, imaginative, and in all shapes and sizes – They are the hands of the kids! Each one of them an artist. They had so much fun mixing their colors for this project, and I just loved how it all came together. 

For the next several months, you can visit our AOK Stomper located under the marquee at the iconic Grand Lake Theatre on Grand Avenue. This landmark has such special memories for me as a kid. I still can’t believe he’s there. In junior high, I watched the Oakland A’s play the Angels at my very first live baseball game at the Coliseum. I never forgot it… I can’t wait for my semester classes to be over so that I can seek out all these Stompers in person, and even get back over to a baseball game this Summer. Congratulations to all the artists involved with this incredible community project. If you’ve found your way here, thank you for supporting public art, and for just caring about the cause. Your actions matter and you taking the time make a difference!

If you want to read more about the making of the statue, my inspiration behind it (the kids of course!) and more about our mission at Arts For Oakland Kids click on over to the Stomper page - In the meantime, I hope to see you all about town very soon – Thanks for your support! 

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