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About Kelly.

Kelly Autumn is a Northern California based artist and designer. Kelly has creatively worked in various segments of the fashion, and gift market industries since 2001. Inspired by a love of collecting vintage children’s books, and various folk ephemera, her work often draws colorful influence from the past. Over the last 15 years, Kelly’s designs, and original art have been sold at her former Berkeley store, Relish At Home, and in various boutiques and museum stores nationwide including shops as far away as Australia and Japan. Her previous boutique, and unique product designs have been featured in numerous print & online publications including The San Francisco Chronicle, Apartment Therapy, Design Sponge, Real Simple, Sunset Magazine, Brides Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, Bride & Bloom, and Parents Magazine. Kelly’s fine art has been shown in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland.

She now currently resides as an Artist in Residence at the American Made Fine Goods concept boutique, Marion & Rose in downtown Old Oakland. 

More of Kelly’s work can be found in the shop and online at www.marionandrose.com.

Follow her on Instagram at @kellyautumn

About my work life, inspiration and all that other stuff...

What am I inspired by? Day to day things. Old things. New things. What I have, and what I can't have. There is inspiration and beauty in the smallest places, especially everywhere we're not looking. Living in California, I have the best of everything around me -- the mountains, the city, the ocean, the farm land... I grew up in the country, but I've spent the majority of my adult life in the hustle of the Bay Area. Today I split my time between both places to seek balance.

I've been designing and crafting creative projects as far back as I can remember to blink. I didn't go to professional art school, instead I've attended the school of work. I like to think of myself as a self-taught "closet" painter. I turned to painting a few years ago to get me through an emotionally hard time in my life. I think the paintbrush has now taught me more than I could ever imagine. Growing up an only child I was surrounded by books and animals. Naturally I was born with my father's entrepreneurial spirit. My parents were master craft makers back before that was even a thing. I grew up with a family wood shop, and lived in a geodesic dome that my dad built up around us. We moved from room to room as the walls were completed. It made life very interesting.

My mom likes to say I was born busy. As a creative multi-tasker, I've enjoyed working many jobs through many phases of my life. It's taken me a very long time to focus on just one thing, and I usually don't limit myself. Friends who know me well always find me with a new creative project on the horizon... Always colorful, always inspired, always on the go, and always keeping things as interesting as possible. 

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