Art Lovers Come Sit Beside Me

I love history, but I especially love art history. I read and thrift old books and take art history classes for FUN… I wish I was kidding, but it’s so true. I decided to start sharing my fascination with the subject and recently took up this silly little habit of occasionally posting old video clips about some of my favorite artists on my Facebook page. 

Check out this brilliant music video from a few years back by the French American indie pop band Hold Your Horses. The band shot and designed this incredibly creative sequence paired to their song called “70 Million.” As you can imagine, it went viral back in 2010, but it’s so so good, like the art they were inspired by – It’s kind of memorable forever. Many years ago in a former life, I was a costume designer and I have a REAL appreciation for the imagination behind filming and editing this production. See if you can play along and guess the artists and all 25 paintings!

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