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gelatin printmaking / what is it?

Put simply, it's a flexible printing surface made of gelatin, vegetable glycerin and water! Believe it or not, when firm, this jelly mold can yield unbelievable prints in the technique of monotype printmaking. Printing from home has now become full of new possibilities without the use of a machine printing press.

Since Shelter in Place I began developing my own techniques with the unique process called gelatin printing from my home studio. Moving my art practice off a community press and into this new format definitely had its challenges, but through patience and practice, I was able to make my own gel plate and begin teaching others to do the same. This technique can be done safely from a kitchen table, an outdoor space, or anywhere there is a flat surface to work on. It's user-friendly, great for all ages, fun for new artists, and even more experienced ones too! 

My workshops can teach you the basics of how to make a durable DIY plate at home using three simple ingredients. I show you how to develop and play with plate textures and simple transfers using water-based acrylics and other spreadable art mediums. I also explain how to prep your art table with backyard flora and other botanicals. You will learn how to make your own colorful, abstract gelatin prints and have a blast doing it while printing inside your own home. It's one of the most exciting DIY art hacks I've ever worked with, and I'm always excited to have the opportunity to share it with a wider audience. 

As a visiting artist, I teach gel workshops on demand. If you are interested in attending or booking one of my future virtual or in-person workshops, please click into my contact page and connect or join my mailing list.

 Until then watch my "How to Make Your Own DIY Gelatin Plate" video on YouTube!

The creative team at the Sonoma Community Center helped me put this reel together, and it's a great tutorial for how to get started with making your own plate at home for a fraction of the cost. 



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